Moving in

Moving into an aged care home will be a new experience for most people. In Autumn Care’s homes, our resident’s routines are taken into consideration as much as possible and we do everything we possibly can to make the transition easy and enjoyable.

Before you move into an aged care home it’s a good idea to visit a few times to become familiar with your new environment. You may wish to visit at different times of the day such as at meal times to get a feel for the place.

What can I bring?

Your room will be furnished and decorated for you. You can of course bring along some of your own furnishings, pictures, photos and other personal items.

Televisions are provided in lounge areas for community viewing and you can bring your own television (as well as radio and computer), with you for your room, if you wish.

On the day

On arrival on day one you’ll meet with the Director of Nursing to let them know what sort of support you’ll need to adjust. You’ll also discuss things such as your dietary preferences, the activities calendar and which activities you’d like to participate in, any cultural or religious preferences, and your medical history. Your family are welcome to stay with you for lunch or morning/afternoon tea.

Each home has an orientation program to help our residents and their family, friends and carers familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.

Your health

In your first weeks with us your health and personal care needs will be discussed in detail and an individual care plan prepared. Our residents can continue to see their own doctor, but we will also be able to arrange a suitable doctor if required as well as providing help with accessing health services.