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About Autumn Care

A professional, caring and respectful approach to aged care.

Autumn Care’s aim is to provide the highest quality care for the people who live in our homes. Small and privately owned, our management and staff are able to get to know residents and their families, identify individual interests and concerns, and work together to care for the people who come to live with us.

Our Approach

Marie Ewart - Autumn Care General ManagerMarie Ewart, Autumn Care’s General Manager, began her career over 25 years ago in aged care, working as a nurse in a country hospital. Since then she has worked in all areas of nursing and completed studies in both psychiatry and naturopathy. Here she talks about our approach to caring for the aged.

At Autumn Care, we believe it important to recognise the individualityof the people who live in our homes, both to ensure we provide the carethe individual needs and to acknowledge and appreciate people’s livesprior to moving into the home.


I want to know...

What do I need to consider when moving?

Moving into an aged care home will be a new experience for most people. Read about the steps you need to take and tips to help make your transition easy and enjoyable.


How do I find an aged care home that's right for me?

The search for an aged care home is often an unexpected one and its important you get advice to find the right aged care in the area you want and with the services you need.


What are the costs of moving in to Aged Care?

Autumn Care’s aged care homes are funded by the Australian Government and our charges are set by the Department of Health and Ageing. We accept concessional or assisted residents – that is, people whose care is fully funded by the government.



In the second half of 2013, Autumn Care will embark on a development to expand Clovelly Cottage in Boronia and further improve the facilities on offer. We will add 48 beds. These will mainly be single rooms along with a small number of double rooms to cater for couples. We will also add a new kitchen and laundry, a secure dementia wing, two courtyards and a new front garden for residents to enjoy.


We also plan to commission a 90-bed facility on the beautiful Mornington Peninsular in 2014.